Club Membership

Our club features a great set of people who enjoy getting exercise, socializing, and having fun. You won’t find a ‘country club’ attitude at the club, just a great set of people. You don’t need five ‘letters of introduction’ and the right social status, just a healthy attitude.


Tennis: Initiation Fee: $250

$40.00/month - Junior

$70.00/month - Individual

$90.00/month - Family

Racquetball/Squash: Initiation Fee: $150

$30.00/month - Junior

$50.00/month - Individual

$70.00/month - Family

Fitness: Initiation Fee: N/A

$20.00/month - Junior

$20.00/month - Individual

$20.00/month - Family

Member Benefits
  • No court fees for general play      
  • Ability to make reservations    
  • 15% off all classes                    
  • 10% off most pro shop items       
  • Free ball machine usage during non peak hours: 8am-3pm M-F; 5-7pm Sat/Sun                    
  • Gym membership for only $20 per month extra 
  • Free weekly round robin or stroke of the week class
  • Club tournaments                                
  • Club special events


A Tennis Membership includes Racquetball and Squash as well as access to the Fitness Facility (for an extra $20.00 monthly fee). A Racquetball/Squash Membership includes Wallyball and access to the Fitness Room (for an extra $20 monthly fee).

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